The Chinese martial arts or Kung fu, Wu Shu, Kuo shu as they are known in the West, have a long history, which dates back to 2000 BC and are the parents of all the other oriental (eastern) martial arts (e.g. Japanese, Korean as well as and some younger ones Indonesians, Thailand, etc.) The prevalent style of the Chinese Martial Arts is the "Shaolin Kung Fu", which was developed in the 5th century AD. The prevalence of the Shaolin kung fu is due to the fact that the teaching of the martial art is associated with the high principals, moral values, philosophy, health, oriental medicine and arts.
    Shaolin Kung Fu is divided into two basic categories, the "Northern style or fist" and the "Southern style or fist". From those two basic divisions "the Shaolin Kung Fu Families or Systems" had been developed. Most of the original "Shaolin Kung Fu Systems" are very similar in the essence of the art; but they have different characteristics, strategies, techniques, etc, which in turn make each style unique and make the beauty of the Shaolin martial art.

Hung Kar
Siu Lum Pai Hung Kar or Hung Kar in brief has its origins back to the DAMO (Bodhiharma) teachings as a real child of "Fukien Shaolin Temple". It was the best of the top five (5) "Southern shaolin kung fu families" of the 19th century and remains one of the top kung fu systems up to our times.

The style was founded around 1812 by Hung Hay Goon, the best of the top ten layman (non monk) shaolin disciples among hundreds of his class. He was an in-door disciple of Fukien's Shaolin temple abbot monk Che Seen (expert in the tiger technique) and one of the few that survived after the destruction of the Fukien temple from the Ching dynasty. The art was passed on to Lok Ah Choy, that mastered the Hung Kar art as the founder in-door disciple, after years of close study with the edged monk Che Seen. The most gifted student of Lok Ah Chai and heir of the style was Wong Kei Ying, a significant kung fu figure of his time and one of the "Ten Tigers of Kwantong", a title that was given to the top fighters of south China. Wong Kai Ying passed on the art only to his son Wong Fei Hung, the "folk hero" of the southern China. His life has been made into more than the one hundred movie films, TV program, and publications. Famous Chinese actors like Kwak Tak Hing and later Jet Lee and Jacky Chan have made films based on his life.

Wong Fei Hung's most gifted disciple and the next heir of the Hung Kar family Lam Sai Wing, inherited all of his sifu knowledge on the Hung Kar art and the healing art of Dit Dar (bone setting) and passed it on to his nephew, the current Lam Cho. Some well-known students of his include Kwan Kun, Tam Chou, Cheung Si Bill, Lam Chi Sut, Tang Yee, Tang Fong, Wong Man Kai, Wu Lap Fung, Tang Hin Choi and Lau Cham. He was a legend and remains an example of courage and strength because of his way of life, his life has been made four (4) times into a movie. Lam Sai Wing's nephew Lam Cho, traditional heir of Hung Kar, lived with his uncle for over 28 years. He was adopted and raised by his uncle as his own son and learned the secrets of the Hung Kar art and Dit Dar (bone setting) from the age of five (5). He started teaching at the age of sixteen (16) as "senior instructor" in "Lam Sai Wing Gymnasium" and at his own school. Lam Cho's name in Hong Kong, the metropolis of Shaolin kung fu, is identified with the development of Hung Kar art.

Some of Lam Cho's more notable students include Chan Hon Chung, Wong Lee, Chiu Kau, Tang Kwok Wah, Kwong Tit Fu, Lee Yat Ming, Wong Yiu Ching and Kwong Buck Sam. His eldest son Lam Chun Fai now carries on his Hung Kar teaching. Lam Chun Fai is the elder son of Lam Cho, also godson of the legend Lam Sai Wing. He started practicing at the age of five (5) and started teaching at the age of seventeen (17), as head instructor in Lam Cho's and Lam Sai Wing's schools. He is famous worldwide for his work on "in-door trained instructors". Lam Chun Shing is the younger son of Lam Cho. Like his older brother, Lam Chun Fai, he began practicing Hung Kar at a very early age. He still teaches at Mong Kok's legendary school. Sifu Kostas Tsoligas is an in-door disciple, tertiary level sifu, under master Lam Chan Fai. He is the eldest and closest disciple of the Lam family in Europe; he officially represents the traditional heir in the continent. Sifu Kostas Alexopoulos is in-door disciple and first assistant of sifu Kostas Tsoligas, President of the Hellenic Hung Kar Association and General Secretary of the European Siu Lum Pai Hung Kar Federation.

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