Is based on the federation's regular, well-organized and progressive teaching method.

It is progressively classified into:

- Three levels of students (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced).
- Three levels of instructors (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary).

We believe and teach that the "traditional Hung Kar" consists of three stages:

- Healing. (physical and spiritual)
- Self - defense. (fighting skill)
- Mentality. (tradition, philosophy, moral code and way of living)

Based on this belief, Hung Kar's training has two parts:

- The Training method
It is the theoretical training ground, which includes the methodology of instruction, the internal fighting theories and the style. Also including the instruction and transmission of the art's spirit, which is the theoretical background of the art's teachings

- The Training program
It is the tool to initiate a fighter in the martial arts. It includes the training sets and techniques; the tools for creating a martial artist. Moreover, the fighting applications and the training program of fighting includes semi and full contact. The training program of the therapeutic breathing exercises which ease the flow and increase of the pivotal energy (Qigong).

Although these two subjects are complementary, each one of them has it's own specific points and characteristics

Five elements in Hung Kar :
Oheň "fo" – speed, explosive and quickly feeling
Earth "to" – move from below tu up
Iron "kam" – representation system the gold – hard, but soft metal – with crusing contakt
Water "sui" – open and long move
Wood "muk" – close body move

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